Book Review: From Teilhard to Omega


I was hoping to have a series of book reviews over the Northern Hemisphere summer. However, daily activities such as work, kids baseball games and family activities present precious little time for reading much less writing reviews.

One book at the top of (way too big) to-read list is From Teilhard to Omegaa compilation of essays edited by Sr. Ilia Delio, one of the world’s foremost Teilhard scholars.  As I have not yet read it, I was pleased to discover that the outstanding site of the British Jesuits, Thinking Faith, recently had a review of Sr. Delio’s book.  Set forth below is an excerpt:

In “From Teilhard to Omega”, the Franciscan theologian and scientist, Ilia Delio, has challenged thirteen experts on Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955) to update for a new generation the writings of this French Jesuit and paleoanthropologist. Delio chose her experts carefully and so we are presented with a series of wonderful essays through which we can better understand Teilhard, but the real challenge of this book is to assimilate its words into one’s person and practice.

* * *

The collection as a whole expounds Teilhard’s conviction, one based on his science, that the world in which we live is not something static. It has been, is, and for as long as it exists will be, changing. God is committed to that change for, as creator, He imparted it, sustains the world in change, and in Christ is its goal. Given the reality of evolution, we too must be committed to finding God in the Christocentric future towards which we are inevitably moving.

* * *

So for those who last read Teilhard back when his writing first started coming into regular print, or for those who have heard of him but not read him, I thoroughly recommend this book. Be prepared to be challenged and changed by it. As it concludes (p.240), we are immersed in the adventure of evolution and as humanity are at ‘the growing tip of this evolutionary trend’. With the help of “From Teilhard to Omega’s” expert team we can (re-)discover the power of Christ’s love that will ‘lead us onward to a new reality.’

Read Entire Review Here

After reading the review, I am more excited to read the book.


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2 Responses to Book Review: From Teilhard to Omega

  1. Lynda says:

    I, too, will add this to my extremely long list of “must-reads”! Thanks for bringing this to my attention as it sounds wonderful. Blessings.

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