Teilhard de Chardin Quote of the Week (November 3, 2014): Lose Yourself in God

stairs-to-heaven1“Don’t let yourself succumb, I beg you, to the perpetual fear that you’re doing nothing worthy of your life or commensurable with your wishes or God’s grace. I believe that you’re doing a great deal — much more than we can see. But is there any point in worrying about this? Isn’t it enough to foster large ambitions within ourselves and try loyally to achieve them, to have the right to rely on God to grant them ultimate success? In every context, you must try harder . . . to lose yourself in God — so completely that you no longer even want to know whether you are doing much or little in this world — your sole happiness being the feeling that He is within you, at the beginning and the end of every desire and every act.” 

– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, The Making of a Mind; Letters from a Soldier-Priest (p. 198-99)

About William Ockham

I am a father of two with eclectic interests in theology, philosophy and sports. I chose the pseudonym William Ockham in honor of his contributions to philosophy, specifically Occam's Razor, and its contributions to modern scientific theory. My blog (www.teilhard.com) explores Ignatian Spirituality and the intersection of faith, science and reason through the life and writings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (pictured above).
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5 Responses to Teilhard de Chardin Quote of the Week (November 3, 2014): Lose Yourself in God

  1. brikke says:

    Thank you for this beautiful quote , just a small editing issue : it should say in the last sentence : your solE happiness , not sold!! Kind regards, Helena Brikke

  2. If only people could grasp this truth. It is truly becoming Him.

    • Hi Robert:

      Thank you for your insightful comment. It is a continuing challenge for me to surrender my ego to God. One good thing is that at my level of development, I have lots of room for improvement and closer union :-).

      W. Ockham

  3. We all have room for improvement and a desire for closer union. Thank you for your inspiring blog William

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