Discerning Advent – Darkness

God In All Things

“Lord, it is nearly midnight and I am waiting for You
in the darkness and the great silence.” – Thomas Merton

Incarnation happens all around us. It happens when we see a rainbow; when we receive communion; when we make a decision. Incarnation is always evolving: God being made present in new ways. The divine permeates all things and even comes to expression in our choices. But it’s often far from easy. We may feel we’re in the dark like Thomas Merton, waiting for a sign or a flicker of light. We may, on the other hand, feel like we’re in a whirl of confusion, feelings, emotions, and choices. These things are the raw material of discernment. Advent is a time of patient waiting and pondering. Perhaps this prayer of Thomas Merton describes your feelings:

My God, I frankly do not understand Your ways with me. You fill me with…

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About William Ockham

I am a father of two with eclectic interests in theology, philosophy and sports. I chose the pseudonym William Ockham in honor of his contributions to philosophy, specifically Occam's Razor, and its contributions to modern scientific theory. My blog (www.teilhard.com) explores Ignatian Spirituality and the intersection of faith, science and reason through the life and writings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (pictured above).
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2 Responses to Discerning Advent – Darkness

  1. Robert Wagner says:

    Good Brother, William Oxham,
    I must tell you that I not only relish regularly reading your de Chardinian perspectives on the cosmos through the prism of faith, science and reason; but that I also share your thoughts, along with those of our late and beloved Teilhard with my small Faith Community at our St Paul Newman Center on the Indiana University Campus here in Bloomington, Indiana. We are ten persons, mostly retired, who have been engaging in monthly intellectual discourse for about ten years now. One among our membership is a Professor – Director of the Entrepreneurial Institute in the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University. We are wondering if you are located within reasonable distance of Bloomington, Indiana. I had been originally introduced to the works of de Chardin back in the early 1960’s. Now in this very vibrant ninth decade of my life, I constantly quote and promote and share my knowledge of de Chardin’s works with my Men to Men small Faith community. I applaude you for your reinvigorating and inspiring commentaries.
    Thank you. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,
    Robert Wagner

    • Robert:

      Thank you very much for your kind comments. I am truly humbled. It sounds like you have quite an interesting group for which you have fascinating discussions. I am located in Southern Wisconsin so it not next door but compared to the reach of the internet it is not that far either. Interestingly, my professional life is very involved in assisting entrepreneurship and, as you know, Indiana University has a very strong program. I will follow up with an e-mail in the next day as I am interested in learning more about your and your group.

      Peace and AMDG,
      W. Ockham

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