The Magi and the Internal Journey Through the Desert


I received this reflection from a member of our prayer group and thought I would pass it on:

If, as Herod, we fill our lives with things and again with things,
if we consider ourselves so unimportant
that we fill every moment of our lives with action,
when will we have the time to take the long slow journey
across the desert as did the Magi?
Or sit and watch the stars, as did the shepherds?
Or brood over the coming of a child, as did Mary?

For each of us there is a desert to travel,
a star to discover
and a Being within ourselves to bring to life.

Author Unknown.

About William Ockham

I am a father of two with eclectic interests in theology, philosophy and sports. I chose the pseudonym William Ockham in honor of his contributions to philosophy, specifically Occam's Razor, and its contributions to modern scientific theory. My blog ( explores Ignatian Spirituality and the intersection of faith, science and reason through the life and writings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (pictured above).
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9 Responses to The Magi and the Internal Journey Through the Desert

  1. sisterdonna says:

    I love this poem. On the copy I have it is attributed to Bishop Hunthausen.

  2. Theresa says:

    Beautifully put; thought provoking. Blessings to you…

  3. frankfrost2012 says:

    Beautiful!  Thanks. Frank

  4. Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing. God Bless!

  5. Barry Blackburn says:

    I loved this quotation so much I copied it down and put it on FACEBOOK with all the appropriate acknowledgements-it is wonderful! ps thanks too for the Fr. James Martin profile. I also follow him closely re his books and facebook.

  6. Barry Blackburn says:


  7. angperegrino says:

    This is so beautiful!

    angperegrino/prayers of a pilgrim

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