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Teilhard de Chardin Quote of the Week (September 29, 2014): Origins of Belief

“To believe is to develop an act of synthesis whose first origin is inapprehensible. . . [O]ne has to verify the solidity of an inevitable initial faith, and then one has to verify the organic continuity of the successive stages which … Continue reading

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The Problem of Defining God: Finding Unity with Atheists in Wonder and Community

Part of the problem of the public discourse on religion is that, like so many other issues, the discussion gets framed by the radical fringes.  On one side, you have the fundamentalist theists (mostly Christians in the US) who have … Continue reading

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Sunday Reflection, 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time (October 13, 2013): Belief, Obedience and Gratitude

This week is the 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time. The readings can be found here. The themes are belief, obedience and gratitude. The first reading talks about the how the pagan General Naaman believed in and followed the instructions of … Continue reading

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Listening to Young Atheists: Lessons for a Stronger Christianity

Recently, the Atlantic Monthly had a fantastic article by Larry Alex Taunton, Executive Director of Fixed Point Foundation.  Mr. Taunton led a study of atheists at college campuses.  The results are fascinating and I strongly encourage you to read the entire … Continue reading

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