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The Noosphere (Part II): Christian Concepts of the Noosphere

  Today, is part two of a three part series discussing the noosphere: Part I:  Teilhard de Chardin’s Vision Part II: Christian Concepts of the Noosphere Part III: Future Evolution of the Noosphere One of the challenges of Teilhard de … Continue reading

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17th Sunday in Ordinary Time (July 28, 2013) (Lord’s Prayer: A Challenging Petition)

Today’s readings contain the version of the Lord’s Prayer found in the Gospel of Luke.  I learned this prayer as a child and pray it almost every day. It has become so routine that I often lose the power of … Continue reading

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Life of Teilhard de Chardin: First China Trip and Mass on the World (1923-1924)

Teilhard de Chardin set sail for his first trip to China in Spring 1923.  He landed at Shanghai and proceeded to travel by train to Tientsin, a coastal city some eighty miles from Peking where Emile Licent, S.J., had built … Continue reading

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Empty Your Cup, and Become What You Receive

I will post the regular Sunday reflection tomorrow afternoon but one of my favorite Deacons, David Backes, is preaching this weekend and he was kind enough to share his homily online.  His homily is a wonderful story of how a … Continue reading

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Orthodoxy of Teilhard de Chardin (Part I): Pope Benedict and Spirit of the Liturgy

__________ I was hoping to save this post and series until later, when I could have had a more comprehensive assessment.  However, as I am becoming more immersed into the blogosphere, I am starting to realize how controversial a figure … Continue reading

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