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Scientific Potpourri (November 22, 2013): Neutrinos outside the solar system, first Americans, origins of dogs and more

  Here are some top stories in cosmology, physics and evolutionary biology from the past couple of weeks. Astronomers Detect Neutrinos From Outside the Solar System.  This follows from the earlier post on the IceCube Project. From the Verge: Astronomers Astronomers … Continue reading

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Scientific Potpourri (Oct 25, 2013): Controversies in Evolution, Elements for Life on Europa and Better Sex With Your Spouse

Rare Skulls Sparks Controversy Over Human Evolutionary Lineage. From CNN International: In the eastern European nation of Georgia, a group of researchers has excavated a 1.8 million-year-old skull of an ancient human relative, whose only name right now is Skull 5. … Continue reading

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