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The God of Joy and Laughter

“Joy is the most infallible sign of the presence of God” — Teilhard de Chardin I am currently in the second week of my online Ignatian Retreat. Each morning before I begin my prayer, I ask God for a grace. … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week About Teilhard de Chardin (Brilliant but Obtuse)

The following was taken from the Teilhard de Chardin Facebook page. I laughed when I read it and thought I would share it here: “Teilhard’s combination of divine and evolution, instead of divine single-step complete creation and instead of blind evolution, … Continue reading

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Teilhard de Chardin Quote of the Week (November 18, 2013): Mystery of the Incarnation

“The present religious crisis derives from the antagonism between the God of supernatural revelation on one side and the great mysterious figure of the universe on the other; in consequence there will be no permanent peace for our faith unless … Continue reading

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SATURDAY READING: The New Commission of the One Love, by Karl Rahner, SJ

Originally posted on The Value of Sparrows :
From The Mystical Way In Everyday Life The topic [we are discussing here] is the unity of love of neighbor and love of God.  Are these simply two things that stand next to…

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Sunday Reflection, 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (November 17, 2013): Teilhard de Chardin, St. Paul, End Times and God in All

The last enemy to be destroyed is death, for “he subjected everything under his feet.” But when it says that everything has been subjected, it is clear that it excludes the one who subjected everything to him. When everything is subjected to him, then … Continue reading

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Feast of St. Albert the Great (November 15): Patron Saint of Scientists

Today is the Feast of St. Albert the Great who, along with St. Dominic, are the patron Saints of scientists.  In honor of this Feast Day, I am going to restate much of what I wrote on August on the Feast Day … Continue reading

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Authentic Spiritual Freedom from Disordered Attachments

This week I started an online Ignatian Retreat. So far so good, although I have not been able to devote as much time to prayer and meditation as I hoped for. One of the themes this week is on Spiritual Freedom. … Continue reading

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God, Evolution, Teilhard de Chardin and the Problem of Innocent Suffering

One of the biggest challenges to the concept of the Christian God is the problem of evil and the suffering of innocents. People have been trying to reconcile an all-loving, all-powerful God with the existence of evil since the first … Continue reading

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Archbishop Menamparampil on Teilhard de Chardin, Mysticism and Engagement with Culture

It is the mission of modern mystics to bring joy to people in the streets, slums, hospital and prisons.” — Archbishop Emeritus Thomas Menamparampil I came across a great article in Don Bosco India on a speech given by Archbishop Emeritus … Continue reading

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Teilhard de Chardin Quote of the Week (November 11, 2013): Cosmic Consciousness

“When we read the evidence of certain Christian mystics, or even simply what many perfectly ordinary people may tell us in confidence, we cannot but quite seriously question whether there may not be a sort of cosmic consciousness in our … Continue reading

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