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Loneliness, an illusion of the Ego

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Loneliness. The first and fundamental pain, which stems from the loss of birth. We arise from a state of Being ” a pulse in the eternal mind, no less”; and being born we are bounded. The…

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Ignatian Spirituality and Companionship

“It’s always said that the Jesuits were founded by Ignatius of Loyola, but I like the thought that the Jesuits were founded by a committee, not by one man. And it’s crucial because if the real mainspring of Jesuit spirituality … Continue reading

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Ignatian Spirituality and the Type A Personality

One of the great things about blogging over the last six months, is that I have had the pleasure of virtually “meeting” a lot of interesting people. One of the blogs I follow is Ancient Christian Wisdom, a site run … Continue reading

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Theology of the Movie Gravity: Evolution, Death and Teilhard de Chardin

Note: Spoiler Alert below for the movie Gravity Last weekend, I finally went to see the movie Gravity, one of the few times in the last ten years that I have seen a non-childrens’ movie in a theater. As I … Continue reading

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Teilhard de Chardin Quote of the Week (October 21, 2013): Universe and Incarnation

  “[I]t appears contradictory (to the nature of participated being) to imagine God creating an isolated thing. Only one being can exist in isolation: Ens a se (Being which exists only in itself). Everything which is not God is essentially … Continue reading

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Stages of Cosmic Consciousness

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A cosmology is not just a theoretical enterprise, but a way also to gain our bearings in the inner world.   Mary Conrow Coelho More and more people are deepening their awareness of Teilhard de…

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Sunday Reflection: 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time (October 20, 2013): Prayer and Persistence

This week is the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time. You can find the readings here. The theme is persistence in prayer. Today’s reflection is from James Predmore, S.J. You can find the full reflection here, but set forth below is … Continue reading

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